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MediaWirePH is a press release website wherein you may submit a press release for us to publish and relay to our subscribers, readers, and social media followers.

For the moment, please send your press release at mediawireph(at)gmail(dot)com along with the following:
  • At least 1 photo for the press release. Most likely, press releases without photos are not published. Since we do need one. The media may want it too.
  • The press release. You may paste it on the email itself, put it in a word document, or in PDF format. Ideally, I prefer that you just paste it to the email.
  • Indicate where the part of the press release ends. In this way we can avoid sharing information that is or should not be shared publicly.
  • IMPORTANT. Subject MUST BE "Press Release: (press release title)". Since we do receive a lot of emails and with this we'll be able to filter emails that are for posting.
  • a FEE of $10 + $2 PayPal Fee is charge for those who wants a GUARANTEE that your press release will be publish. If you want this option please include "w/FEE" in the title in your email so I would know and prioritize your press release. To pay please use the PayPal button below.

Updated: January 16, 2018

When submitting a FREE press release, please take note of the following:
  • Not all press release will be published. It will depend on the topic, the number of press release we receive. If you want an assurance for it to be published, you may request so but there might be a FEE involved. 
  • Not all press release will be published immediately. It may have been scheduled to be released or published on a certain day, or due to some circumstances I won't be able to publish it immediately. If you want it to be published immediately, you may request so but there might be a FEE involved. 
  • MediaWirePH will not alter or edit the press release you'll submit. Unless, an offical PR firm or representative or the person who sent the PR request so himself. But please make sure every detail is correct before submitting it to us. 

How to get your press release be featured in all pages in MediaWirePH?

MediaWirePH have 5 SPOTS for featured press release on the right side of the website wherein it will be shared and displayed in all pages of the website. You may have your press release be featured and get more attention, you may request for it to be set as a featured press release with a fee.

For any questions and concerns, please feel free to contact us via our email.

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